City Diplomacy Of Jakarta Government In The Environmental Sector In 2017-2021

Laode Muhammad Fathun, Taufik Taufik
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This article describes the comparison of paradiplomacy activities between Jakarta and Bandung. The urgency of this research is that both cities have crucial problems in environmental management that are not compatible with sustainable development. Both cities have environmental problems such as pollution, garbage, sewage, pollution and other problems. Both cities are unable to solve these problems independently so they need cooperation through sister cities. This research uses the comparative theory of paradiplomacy through urban diplomacy modeling. The method used is qualitative through case study comparison. Data collection techniques through primary and secondary data. Data were obtained from interviews, observations and expert interviews to reinforce research arguments. The result was that Jakarta's city diplomacy was carried out through multi-channels. The first line with towns and cities such as the City of London. Then the second path through supranational diplomacy, namely diplomacy to the United Nations and the third path through multilateral diplomacy, namely C40.


Paradiplomacy comparison; City diplomacy; Jakarta; UN

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Dr. Agus Haryanto, M.Si Chair of AIHII

Ishaq Rahman ,M.Si Chair of the Indonesian City Diplomacy Academic Community

B. Tjandradewi Secretary General of the United Cities Local Government

Mr, Yudha DKI Jakarta Foreign Cooperation Bureau staff

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